Macquarie Chocolate…


Wanna try some Macquarie Chocolate? No, it’s not a new chocolate brand!! Well, in case you didn’t know, I work for Macquarie Group, and I am in the Macquarie Bank, so yea Macquarie is a group of companies dealing in banking and finance, real estate, stockbroking…

They have Macquarie chocolate for the clients, JUST FOR FUN!! Because it’s CHRISTMAS!! So, obviously, we employees got to taste some too!!

And guess what, I have got a Christmas present from Macquarie too, it’s a pair of candle holders… Also branded with Macquarie… =_= I They are trying to move into manufacturing I THINK…


See, Macquarie Chocolate… At first, I thought it was a fridge-magnet… Looks like it leh!!

It’s not magnet ler, can eat one… =P

And the candle holders, you can borrow from me if you wanna have a romantic candle light dinner with your partner… =)

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