BJ Craze…

Well, I have seen the MOSTEST CRAZIEST blackjack game ever in my life!!! Only SEEN, but not PLAYED in it, but I damn enjoyed the SEEING… Freaking EXCITING!!!

The rule goes like this:

When you have 15 points, you can double up your initial bet and get a new set of cards to play with…

Then, the game started with this player’s initial bet of RM20, and he got 15 points, he doubled up to make it RM40… Then, he got 15 points again, so doubled up again to make it RM80… Right, he stopped there…

Then, it’s banker’s turn, he got 15 points TOO!! He doubled up as well, so at the same time, doubled up player’s bet to RM160 too!!!

And in the end, player got 21!!!!! Which mean another DOUBLE!!! The banker gotta pay him RM320!!! For just ONE GAME!!!

That was seriously damn exciting~~~!!!!

Well, I lost FOUR VERY BIG BUCKS for the night, and I had a very good experience!! *wooooohooooooooooooooooo* 4 bucks of entertainment…

In case, nobody understands… I TRY to explain better in picutre:

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