Finally, it has ended, after so many episodes… I seriously enjoyed it so much, I checked the website out everyday just to see if there was any new episode… And I enjoyed the BITCHING part the most, so amusing, so entertaining… Of course, looking at hot chicks is my hobby! =P

Well, I knew that Cindy would win… HAHAHAHA… Just like what everyone is saying, the Nissan Latio is sponsored by HER DAD… But hey, I think this is a very smart investment though… He probably only spent RM50K on the sms-es and then he could get a brand new car for RM100K and also the princess daughter to be happy, VERY SMART MOVE!! If I were related to any of the contestants, I would so do that too!! And then sell off the car and we share the profit!! HOW NICE!!

I actually kinda like Cindy too, when she doesn’t talk… As I think she is pretty!! So I don’t have any comment on her winning, but I somehow pity her that everyone is banging her and her dad… I think they are the victims, or perhaps they are just a TOOL for the MDG producers to make money!! I would say we should throw rotten eggs at the MDG producers!!

This was so not a contest, instead, it’s an AUCTION!! WOOOHOOOO~~ The CROWN of MALAYSIAN DREAM GIRL was being auctioned, LELONG LELONG!! The highest bidder won!! I bet the producers are now laughing at those who voted, oh no, not laughing, probably THANKING them for the PRODUCTION FEES!!

I wonder, will that be a 2nd MalaysianDreamGirl coming up next year? Or maybe all the contestants will be rich-fat-ugly-princesses? Eh, but maybe poor people will join too, I would probably join, just because I am poor and this will be a GOOD INVESTMENT!! I will apply for MARGIN LENDING for this investment, if not, loan from loan shark, it’s probably worth paying for the interest!! What a SUPERB investment, LOW RISK HIGH RETURN!!

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