My NEW Bags…

If you have read about my BAGSSSSSSSSSSSS entry, you should be expecting to see my new bags… And wondering which that I have bought…? RIGHT!!!!!!

Well, I didn’t disappoint myself with that, and I hope I didn’t disappoint you too!!

OK, I didn’t get any of the Guccis from that entry, but I bought something which I thought SHE is even CUTER… =)

Gucci Trophy Medium Boston Bag from Spring Summer 08 Collection

It does look a little small in the picture, but it is not actually, in fact I think she is a little too big for me… It should be a size of a Speedy 30…

And I did actually get the Marc By Marc Jacobs bag, it arrived today and I haven’t got the chance to take her picture yet… Give me sometime… The next entry will be it!!

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