I wonder if every woman comes to this decision making when your HE doesn’t like you to work but you know you like to work… Especially there are so many successful women out there these days… And there are still men that wish their women to quit the workforce and ENJOY LIFE…

MAYBE, a life without working hard to earn own money but going shopping, going high tea, taking care of the family SOUNDS like a very happy and simple life… BUT what if I really prefer to work than those? A life like that just makes me think that I am just useless, no contribution, and why the hell on earth would I spend so much time, money AND effort to STUDY for YEARS? Being a bimbo doesn’t require any skill, just to look pretty and be dumb, that’s it isn’t it?

And, I guess I am too used to saving my own money and pamper myself with whatever I want, and the happiness that I finally own something after a long process of saving and craving and dreaming is really really incredible!! I think it wouldn’t be the same anymore when you can get anything you want by just telling HIM that you want it… There probably won’t be anymore of DREAM BAGS, DREAM CARS, DREAM DRESSES… Because you no longer have to DREAM for them… Or you will then become “Grab and swipe HIS credit card” instead of “Wait for me BABY, I’ll be back with my savings VERY SOON”… The excitement is just not there anymore!

Although I haven’t changed my mind for my continuing working life yet, I wonder can you actually change me into someone that I have never thought that I would be? A no life bimbo that’s it.

Anyway, the feeling of being protected is indeed SWEET. =)

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