Weeeeeeeeheeeeeeee… I cut my own fringe!! And I am so proud of myself that I don’t have to spend money to go for a haircut… I am so TALENTED!! *muahahahahahahhaaha*

I just don’t like the fringe being too long as it will become heavy and thus it will make my hair look FLAT… And then the face will go SO LONG… Which is SO BORING… Thus, I decided to have it short! But I was too kiamsiap to pay to have it cut, so I DIY-ed!!


Unfortunately, nobody actually noticed it… =(

Until, this Mr. H at work actually noticed it and said IT LOOKS GOOD!!! OMGOMGOMG, so happy!! Then I told him that I cut it myself but he went “No, you didn’t”… Apparently, it was too good to believe that it was DIY-ed… HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH… And guess what, he noticed my SHOES too, he likes my shoes too!! Well, maybe he likes my everything… =P

OK anyway, who cares about his likings, but I actually like my own fringe too, till the point that I couldn’t resist to CAM-WHORE AGAIN after so long…

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