Taste of Melbourne…

Was so excited when I got to know about this event, because it’s all about FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!! And I went through this big HASSLE to get someone to go with me, it’s all the STUPID BABY’s FAULT, because he is always not around!! =P Apparently it was pretty hard to get someone to go unless someone is really into FOOD like me, as it was pretty expensive, the entry ticket 25bucks, then you still gotta pay for the food and drinks… AH WELL, finally I got this FAT Claudia Phui Yean Loo to go with me!! Yes, she was the one admitted to hospital recently, and now she is ABSOLUTELY FINE!! In fact, she lost some weight and now it’s time to gain back… =P

Oh, she brought along a friend too, and she is Claudia Teh… HAHHAHAHAHA… Don’t play play, she is a full time actress, a part time pharmacist!! She is SO TALENTED, that she is very good with her studies, while she also did courses to learn how to dance, sing, compose songs, act… But not tidying up… =P


Our first dish, Glass noodle salad with Crystal Bay prawns chilli jam, peanuts & mint. From Longrain, 10 bucks.

Yellow curry of Barossa chicken with cucumber relish. From Longrain, 12bucks. *We forgot to take a picture before eating, so…*

Loopy was too excited with her favourite cod fish from Nobu and feeling the orgasm with her dildo on her right hand, and so we forgot to take a picture of the fish!!

THEN, we got Claudia Teh to BORROW the fish from some random stranger just to take a picture!! HAHHHAHAHHAHA… Black Cod: Nobu’s signature dish. From Nobu, 16bucks. *SO EXPENSIVE*

Slow cooked pork belly ‘Nan Ban Zuke’, shiitake and seaweed. From Verge, 10bucks.

Pork sausage with chilli and garlic on caponata di melanzane (a Sicilian eggplant relish). From Fifteen, 10bucks.

OH MY FAVOURITE!! Slow cooked Sher Wagyu, braised meat pie, truffled coleslaw, licorice spiced pumpkin. From Circa, The Prince, 10bucks.

Cheesecake, crispy brik pastry, poached rhubarb, toasted barley froth. From Circa, The Prince, 8bucks.

Vanilla Tapioca pudding with lychees & jackfruit. From Longrain, 8bucks.

NOW THE PEOPLE… Thanks for the fun!!

Claudia Teh and I…

Claudia Loo and Claudia Teh…

Loopy and I…


Being AH 4 holding everything…

Also, they like my BUM so much…

Total damanage of the day:
Loopy and I shared most of the dishes, while Claudia Teh was having her own fun by herself… We spent 70bucks per person… Not that bad considering that we had the chance to try out different food from different restaurants in one go!!


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