Bad Day…

What a bad day I had today!!

First, was that I FORGOT that I was wearing this THIN white dress that is KIND OF see through, so I forgot to wear WHITE UNDERWEARS!!! In fact, I wore black bras + red undies… And the worst thing was, I didn’t realise it till a work mate told me that my dress was very transparent… And indeed it was!! *WTF*

Then my dear cousin was telling me that she had no keys to go home after work, so then I went home straight after work in order to be at home to get her the door… When I arrived at the lobby, I realised that I LEFT MY FREAKING KEYS AT WORK!!! *TAMADE* And it was raining!!! Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… So in the end, I had to get Loopy to drive me back to work to get my keys… And I was lucky that there was still someone in the office that could open the door for me… Else… Not gonna imagine that…

Oh, and then, we headed to IBUKI again for dinner, this is my 2nd time to IBUKI in 2 months’ time… It is a great place to have Japanese food!! So fresh and so much till you will never finish everything!! This is in a HOUSE in East Bentleigh, minimum booking for 10 people, 60bucks per person, and you get to eat SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!! It’s good for first timer, but for me, it’s just too much, and kinda sick of it afterall… Especially when I AM ON A DIET!!!!

Ish… It’s Reductil + bread day tomorrow!!! Lose weight lose weight lose weight!!

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EH your black bra and red undies part is damn funnyyyyyyy and i laughed till the food in my mouth fell out… hahahaha

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