Chap Goh Meh…

Finally, the CNY celebration has come to an end. I guess, all the gambling sessions and non-stop eating sessions have to be stopped by now. HOPEFULLY.

It’s time to lose weight, it’s time to welcome the better year… Better career, better health, better in everything…

It’s MARCH again, the very scary month for us, there are so many birthdays in this month. But well, it’d been few years that I hadn’t been celebrating my birthday, I tend to hope that nobody would remember, therefore I would never put it on Facebook or so. But, obviously, if someone does remember, I know that he/she has got the HEART, I would really appreciate it, just that NO THANKS to any celebration.

Or, maybe I should just take a day off on that day, birthday girl shouldn’t be working!! And then, I should buy myself a birthday gift… WAKAKAKAKKAKAKA…

Saw this BN 1760 the other day, damn in love with it and I went to Prada and asked for the price, but I was told that it’s not available… ARGGHH… I have been dreaming of it… sienzzz…

4 replies on “Chap Goh Meh…”


I understand that you used to reside in melbourne?

Will you be goin back sometime in the near future?
I’m heading back to Australia in a few weeks.


er… hi… are you MARK or ZEPH? are you an australian?

yeap, i used to live in melbourne, but i dont think i am going back anytime soon…


Yes, that’s my name.
Z3ph is just a Sobriquet.

I’m an aussie PR, but i’m not a citizen.

Why is it that you’re not returning?
Aside from your family being here, is Malaysia that good a country to stay back?

aussie PR just like me, are you a malaysian then?

ah well… family can be the only reason for me to be back, you can never find family elsewhere… i am not sure if malaysia is a good country to stay back, but i am sure that i am happier in malaysia despite the not so good country or life… =)

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