Happiness + Stress…

I think ALICE, the fortune teller is pretty good in this, that she told me that I would be happier in this new job but having more stress. Yes, so damn farking stressful, no sale, no result, no customer!! Leaving EGGS on my scoreboard… But then, I am so much happier, although I work from morning till night, I don’t really feel that I am working… Hmmm… Or, maybe not hard enough!!

Lots of cool people around, they are not bad afterall, but hey, SO FAR SO GOOD… I am not going to say anything that MIGHT change in the future, who knows, everything seems good IN THE START… Well, this actually puts me into another tough situation where I was told that SALESMEN = CONMEN… And, all the SALESPEOPLE they usually cheat each other for sales… So, I really don’t know if I should suspect everyone. In fact, I have chosen to BELIEVE in everyone of them, at least for a chance. I will only allow people to CON me once and that will be it. ONE AND LAST. But, if they are really nice people, then BINGO, I have got good colleagues!!


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