I love my MOMMIE~~~~

hehehehe… i love my MOMMIEEEE~~~~ lalalalala~~~

yea, i was chatting with my mom in msn today, and she was asking how’s my exam this and that… oh no… then i just poured out everything in my mind… telling her how stressed this and that… haiihzz… she kept asking me to study slowly, not to rush for it, dont be so stressed… she even told me if this time cannot then can take again, no worries… i was like HUH!!! wow… so nice man!! but i am not allowing myself to fail lar… no no no!! and i am really so happy to have such a super understanding mommiee… and the other surprise was my brother… he taught me how to study man!! what the… he is only 15 years old and he was telling me the right way to study not to stress myself!! wow… this is why i misss my home so much… everyone is so nice to me!! they are so supportive!!

really man, now i notice, once i am not at home only i realise how nice my home is… i used to dislike my mom so much for being so strict to me last time!! just cant imagine that i wasnt allowed to go out with friends during high school days, no night out… all i did was to give lame excuses to go out… haiihzz… how sad… just like a BIRD in the cage!! but then, she is much better nowadays, she is so OPEN now, and i am so FREE now… =) she used to be a VERY MOM to me, showing me the MOM face and attitude all the time… but then, she is now more like a friend to me, i feel more comfortable talking to her this way, i can joke and tease… it’s fun!! i like to address her as Auntie Choo Kim Len and she likes to call me by my full name Naughty Chin Vian Yee as well… hahaha… it’s kinda weird but i like it… =P hmm… when i was at home, i used to talk a lot of bullshits and non-stop bla-ing the most updated gossips to her, telling lame jokes, but then she couldnt get the jokes, iissh… how ST***PID!! ehehhe… but i was also a good girl always helped her with stuffs, although most of the time i was just standing beside and talking non-stop to her, my main purpose was to relax her!! ahahha… but then she always complained that i was too noisy and asked me to get lost… haiihzz… too bad!! wondering, she must be missing the noisy me around disturbing and entertaining her days…

my brothers!!! so damn annoying!! i used to hate them loads man!! so naughty, so dumb, so irritating, so fat, so lazy…. so so so… and i was so happy that i need not to face them when i am away from home!! but then, i find that they are not that bad lar actually, we play gunbound and chat in msn nowadays, kinda fun though! there was once, my mom told me that my 2nd brother went out without telling her, and this guy didnt have a handphone with him that time… what the hell man… and i was like – how am i going to TRACE him while he is in kl and i am in melbourne!! – and guess what this genius sister did? she went into gunbound and looked for her brother!! and yea, this little kid was playing gunbound in his friend’s house… smart yea, and i started to crap to him saying that – if you dont wanna go home now, mommie said no need to go home edi, and i will call home after 15 minutes, and if you are not at home, you will get it!! – hahahaha, yea, i created that, but who cares, it worked!! =P and he went home… hahaha, so i called mom to tell her about that… and my mission was wonderfully completed!! yes!!

muaahahahahah~~~ sorrie for this lame blog as i am tooo happy edi, i can feel the love, the care, the support, the home… okok… i gotta get back to my NOTES edi… =) *muacks*

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wah… so nice… i love you… *muacks*
but then i cannot one wor… listening to music will spoil my mood… hahahaha

u never know home is always the nicest thing on earth. really. i knew it always haha!! and being supported from mum is always the greatest thing. i know it too !! haha btw support from fattiest cousin also good right? good luck to u babe! haha dont la fail la.. retake again damn shitty la need to go for classes assignments this shit that shit. aiyaaa just pass it la for god sake! anywayz, yr brothers are good trust me. i love them haha!! ok la take care

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