Thankiew people… *muacks*

people!! thankyou!!! thanks for the support!! bigger-thank awards go to the following:

– a huge thank to my dear mommie, thanks for the emails, msgs, and also consoling me after i did the paper badly…
– a sweet thank to my dear fattie cousin yuan!! hey, you do better yea, i am waiting to see you here in melbourne =)
– a warm thank to my dear buddy wheimeng i really LOVE the ecard you sent me, it really touched me… i have saved it as my favourite and also made it available while offline… no matter it’s the n-th time i am reading it, it still tear me… love ya…
– a special thank to my dear buddy zhanshen, thanks for all the nice songs, i have saved each of them with the name of ‘zs-blabla.mp3’… hehehe, it seems like you are the singer yea!! who cares, i like it and they tear me too… love ya too…

i gotta sleep earlier, tomorrow gotta wake up earlier, another library day… and also more papers are waiting for me… and sadly, i am now home alone… my housemate and roommate left me alone… =( *lone-lone-lone-lone-lonely*

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