i dont like friends lar!!! deng!!! get what i mean, i dont like my FRIENDS!!!! no worries, i still love my FAMILY BUDDIES a lot… you guys are the BOMBS~~ but not my so-called FRIENDS!!!

i really have to start thinking and filtering my friends list man!! bullshitzzzzzzzzz… i dont like my friends to break promises, i dont like my friends to have HIDDEN INTENTIONS to be friends, i dont like my friends to like me and dislike me and like me and dislike me… i dont like i dont like i dont like…

i want my mommieee, i want my daddeee, i want my family buddies, i want my baby angel… :'(

5 replies on “FRIENDS… FOOT!!!”

why do u hate ur fwens? thank god i am not ur friend haha im ur lover.. hmmm.. i know how to make the fonts smaller.. but its html skills. i need to be there to help you leh.. ask someone who knows html.. by the way, i find it ok to read ur blog.. haha dont know why everybody complaining huh.. but mine is easier to read la huh? hahaha .. after my exams which will be on wednesday onwards, haha so fast huh? then i will request to be ur guestblogger. k? haha thanks bye
good luck in ur exams just try your best and i think u’ll do well

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