Happy Father’s Day…

it’s father’s day man!! any plan out there with daddeee? hmm… too bad i am not around to accompany my daddee ler… how sadz, he must be feeling lack of something important on this father’s day… =P

anyway, i have sent him an e-card, hoping that he can view it ler, coz… he… doesnt even know how to ON the computer… hahahaha… mommie and brothers will help him i guess… =)

i dont know why, i feel a bit upset for not being at home on this special day… i used to be at home every year… but not this year… and i remember there was once, i went to my friend’s place on saturday’s night, planned to stay over there on that night to have some fun as it was a gathering there… but then, i thought of father’s day on the following day, then i started to cry… i felt so guilty to have fun with friends and not being together with daddeee on this special day… then i called up daddeee to fetch me home… yea, he came!! and i went home!! i felt happier then… =) how nice if i can just make a call now, asking daddee to fetch me home? *dreaming*

anyway, hoping daddee to be happier and happier, cuter and cuter…

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