New Born…

come on!!! let’s celebrate it!! i am a new born baby today!! and i am going to have a new life from today onwards!! yea yea yea… ahahahah… i have decided to throw all the sadness away and to be a real simple person… not to care too much and bother too much, trying to be more self-centered… not to worry about others too much… only me, myself and i… and for some reasons, i have deleted people who make my life bad from my msn and icq list… yea… nomore history!! that’s cool… so they will never appear again!! and i am not going to give a damn anymore!! just do whatever you guys like, go ahead!! i have no interest in anyone’s anything anymore… *yeahhhh…*

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huh? haha! ure so weird.. study la u.. think so much for wut? my goodness.. eh i finished my 3rd paper.. last paper which is ISB to go on wednesday haha then so happy keke

cool… is so hard for me to neglect what ppl said on me. i will feel so uncomfortable if i got to know somebody talk bad of mine behind me. dont know la…was trying very hard to ignore , but it turned out the more i want to forget,the more i recalled. maybe have a piece talk? 😛 if i really go and care what ppl said, i think i gotta lose so many of my friends all the time i will just compromise..thing just out of control


zs: i think we are the same man!! i always cant help getting mad at those situations, but all i did was mad at myself only, explode to myself, coz i didnt wanna lose these people… and i have been hurting myself too much, crying too much, hating myself too much, blaming myself too much… for all that… and people are still so bad… i have been sacrificing too much, it’s time for me to stand for myself… you too, dont let people bully too much yea… but then, this is a new start for me, i am trying, but dont know whether can work or not… =)

yy: aiyoorh, my mind is out of control one mar…

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