wahlao… this is mad weik!!! i went to bed 3am but then i couldnt sleep man!! what is this… i donnt know why, maybe i was hungry… i kept forcing myself to sleep sleep sleep… but i couldnt and the last time i looking at the time was 413am… and i woke up at 550am… oh man, can i say that i SLEPT? haiihzz… my housemate and her bf are even crazier!! they were bathing while i woke up and when i walked out from my room at 630am, they already left… mad huh? there must be something’s wrong with the ‘feng shui’ of this house!! and i am so blur now… hope that i can WAKE UP later… warm up…

oh, and i have a plan for tonight!! hehehe… i think i am going to COOK SOMETHING!! yea yea… gonna start to learn cooking TONIGHT!! and my lovely cousin is invited!! ngekngekngek… oh MS. ANDREA, dont get jealous yea, MS. TERI is going to have something *NICE*… wahahhaha… i doubt… hahahahaha…

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