wooow… thanx to PYY for the horoscope thingie, which i really love horoscope =) and also thanx to PYY for bringing more fun to MagicLand… but… dont complain PLEASE… hahaha… yea, it’s true that i havent been blogging for kinda long, as i have been really busy lately… classes are starting soon, gotta get things done… then my dearest cousins are now in their new house edi, gotta visit them… and also… there is this TVB show “沖上雲霄” in my house… haha, so i have been watching it non-stop for hours… =)

last night, while i was watching the show, looking at the TriAngel, thinking of the relationship between Vincent, Belle and Sam… if i were Belle, i would never let go Sam… definately would have taken SAM!!! it’s so difficult to find someone that you can really in love with… but too bad, i wasnt as lucky as she was… where is my TriAngel…

responding to PYY’s entry, i think the Marriage part was so impressive… as… maybe some may think that it’s weird for one to hoping to settle down in her early 20s, or maybe younger that that… i really did plan and decided to settle down while i was 19 =) as i thought i had found someone i really wanted to live with for life and surrender myself for… even NOW, i still think the same, where this person at that time really met all the requirements… eventhough it was really silly to do so… oh well, it’s my PAST… but if i am given another chance, i am sure i will do much better to stay this person with me… maybe i really did something that made this person wanted to leave me alone, and i really dont know what’s the reason… how i wish i could had done it better before anything happened… some might think i havent got over this person yet, what i can say is… i already got over… but… the way he treated me is always my dream…

10. 摩羯座:在許多方面你們都能配合的很好,而且有著互補的作用。這是可以成為妳精神支柱的男人。
dont you think this is the best combination? =)

haha… this is so REAL… no matter i am sad or happy, people still think that i am crazy… coz, i am either OVER happy or OVER sad…

若說「女人是水做的」,那他大概指的是雙魚座的女子了 + 魚座女人的心是玻璃做的
maybe this is the best to explain WHY we are the Crying Expert… =)

should i modidy the “男人” –> “人”…

this is how i explain i have been so depressed all the time in Melbourne but everyday happy in KL…

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1 2 find a ideal partner very easy 1 la, go friendster and state all ur requirement in bulletin board then guys will come to u!!wat a effective way!!!wahhahaa………damn y am i here, suppose 2 study!!shit bai bai!!c ya

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