well, when i was on the way home today, i saw this scary scene RIGHT IN FRONT of me on the tram… there were so many people on the tram, and there was a seat there and people standing there, but this guy A didnt wanna sit and his body was… quite plump… then another guy B, i guess he was a bit tipsy, and the conversation between 2 of them started like this…

B: hey, sit down, you are too FAT…
A: what, what did you say?
B: nah… i was just saying that you are too fat, should grab a sit…
A: you dont fking say that to me, and dont fking look at me!!
me: *damn, dont fight in front of me, dont accidentally punch on me*
B: *about to get off*
B: Boooo back to you… *and got off*
A: *ran to chase B, but couldnt get him and then back to the tram*

well… it’s really scary man while people are drunk :-/

hmm… earlier part of today, went to DIMIA office with Mr. Wong, waited for damn long, then we went to have CURRY LAKSA!! yoorh… really nice, and i love it… hehe… then went to boxhill very unwillingly, coz alice forced me to as i was damn tired, wanted to rest!! but then… too bad, and it’s soOoooOOOoooOo far man!! we took a tram and it was like 50+ stops… *wahlao* i had a nap on the way to boxhill, my neck was so painful~~~ and my feet so pain as well… VERY TIRED!!!!!

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