i dont know why that i LOVE piggies, i think that they are cute… they look just like me… FAT BUT CUTE… wahahahha… *winkz*

so i like to draw piggies, i had all kinds of piggies in my text book during high school, they used to have gathering in my class while teacher was bla-ing…

but i dont dare to draw piggie anymore =(
as… my piggies are really ugly, coz… i found myself a really cute piggie, HE is so far nicer compared to mine… at first, i thought HE was a cartoon character or something… but NAH… SOMEONE drew it… well, let’s share this piggie with you guys man… and i’m in love with this piggie… SO CUTE, isnt he???? and thanx to SOMEONE for drawing it… =P

how cute he is man… *drooling*

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