yea, was watching Hard Fate just now… and i was so sad when this old lady died… the sad thing was, she wasnt able to do all the things she wanted to… she wanted to meet back her lover, just to have a walk together, and also to view sunset together BEFORE her birthday… but unfortunately, she died ONE DAY before her birthday… so sadzzzzzz man…

at that moment, i started to think what i wanna do before i die… i wanna do a lot of things, and i dont know when i am going to die… i guess we should do whatever we can, never miss out any chance… =) hold your loved ones to do everything that you want… enjoy every single moment, especially happy moments… treasure everything that you have… try to be happy by relaxing and also forgiving… things should turn out to be nicer and nicer, lovelier and lovelier… *sweeeeet*

yorh, how nice if i can die in a very peaceful way and have everything done before that… wooohoooo… *crazy*

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