Happy 65th Birthday to POPO!!!

*wow* it’s amazing!! i didnt notice that popo is now 65 years old man, till i calculated it!! not bad!! she looks so young still and energetic!! she is my COOL popo *winkz*

My popo is a G-R-E-A-T cook, she can cook yummie dishes, and everyone loves her cooking… especially her western cuisin is so GOOD!! i miss her turkey, lamb chop, chicken ala king, pasta… and not to forget her DESSERTS!! it’s super delicious, her cheese cake, lemon pie, fruit cake, choclate mousse… *saliva all over* how about her chinese dishes?? that’s also wonderful, she always learn new dishes from Astro – WahLaiToi, very very nice too… =) OH YEA, her curry and seafood sambal with petai!!!! SEE, she is SO SO SO SO SO great!! *miss popo’s cooking*

other the other hand, popo is also LAME joker!! *sorrie* hehe, but she is really LAME, she can joke like our age!! and she is good in telling lies too, haha… or maybe i should say that she is good in CON-ning… =P she likes to cheat people a lot!! and it seems so real till you believe it then she will just start laughing at you… *CUTEEEEEE* she is so cute yea? and she is my CUTE POPO!!!

lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPO!! wishing you all the best and… I LOVE YOU, I MISS YOU =)

this is my lovely popo and me!! she looks pretty, isnt she? =)

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hey shes my popo also okay haha i asked her just now “when will u come melb to cook for 3 of us?” she said tomorrow lar. im coming already, then i said i go airport to wait for u ok? then she said yup go airport wait for me, i will b arriving tomorrow haha so lame hor… 🙂 i miss her western cuisine too.. happy birthday popo (will she ever read this site anyway?)

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