damn!!! this morning my housemate said that she lost her GUCCI watch… then, she said she lost her TIFFANY cuff too… then, she said she lost her AUD1700 CASH… then… she said her USD200 also gone!!!!! what the hell… and it’s so obvious that they got stolen!!! then we quickly checked whether anything of us lost, but then… NONE!! this is really weird!!! as this idiot only took SMALL + VALUABLE things… as there are digital camera, RM in CASH, 3 laptops in the house… blablabla, they are still here… this is a smart thief!! and we didnt even notice about that, as nothing seemed wrong till she found she lost something…

oh well… and the shittie part is, 3 of us staying in the house, and then only one’s things got stolen… so, people started to suspect 2 of us… wahlao… this is sad man!! *haiihhhzzz*

and… i met this weird guy while i was in computer lab today, he sat beside me… at first, i didnt notice anything, just as normal… suddenly, i found that what i had on my screen was on his screen as well!! what the hell… he copied me!! when i was reading someone’s blog, he read it too… when i logged into a forum, he went too… i was like *arggghh* angry man!! just like a copy dog!!! i hate him!! PEEP MY SCREEN!! damn him!!

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hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha.. so funny weh.. laughing at the guy beside u.. maybe he likes u muahahahha. anyway good luck in ya laptop ;p

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