pYy is dating with library

Can u imagine a stupid active boy (torture…)gonna stick in the library whole day n reading thus boring books…..i juz dunno how to search for me book keep on goin up n down cxz it got 4 floors looo, and the have 2 run for many many shelf juz for 1 booook, nex time i will invent an automated library lets the machine get the book for me juz like vending machine, sound good right, the stupid lecturer want me to do the research on my speech and have get something from library, aiyo and somemore need gov document….wat da hell, i m not doing secret weapon project la….aiks….i juz doing my favorite topic which is food….now i only found out food actually have a very close relationship with SEX….wat da hell….and now my research in library ends up with typing this blog….hehehhehe…….thiz is how i study lol…beside me got a blonde sexy gal…she is sexy n hot….wowoowow….hope my gf din read this ah….hahah….but the gal i like is my lou poh only….ok gonna look for my book again, yeah…..2night gonna watch skycaptain…starring angellina jollin(spelling correct??)…..i like her man, she is sext and with a good athelete body shape and with a oriental look…..

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