someone is WORSE than me!!

ahhaha… who is the someone huh…?
well… someone is even much more sickening than me!!!
*why am i here??*
oooppsss, i should be doing my assignment one hor…
okok… just 5 minutes lepaking!! ahahahah…

well, let’s share my LATEST pic… this is a piece of GOOD ART… specially dedicated to me by NEBO!! another sickening dude… *applause* thankiew so much… and people… dont faint ok!! although i fainted just now… =P

7 replies on “someone is WORSE than me!!”

Oh such a gorgeuos babe!!!! can intro ar? i wanna know her.. him? whatever… you really have some beautiful friends!! *applause*

can’t be you!! she (or he?) more leng lui leh!! cannot be you!! don’t lie lar, people leng lui, you say that it’s you liao.. thick skin nial!

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