someone is WORSE than me!!

ahhaha… who is the someone huh…?
well… someone is even much more sickening than me!!!
*why am i here??*
oooppsss, i should be doing my assignment one hor…
okok… just 5 minutes lepaking!! ahahahah…

well, let’s share my LATEST pic… this is a piece of GOOD ART… specially dedicated to me by NEBO!! another sickening dude… *applause* thankiew so much… and people… dont faint ok!! although i fainted just now… =P

7 replies on “someone is WORSE than me!!”

can’t be you!! she (or he?) more leng lui leh!! cannot be you!! don’t lie lar, people leng lui, you say that it’s you liao.. thick skin nial!

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