No Tulip~

oh no… so sadzzz… we took ONE HOUR train to reach Belgrave today, and we were supposed to take a bus to Silvan to the tulip festival, then we reached there, we gotta wait for another half an hour for the bus to come, so we went to eat!! and then… after eating, we missed the bus, and the next bus would come after THREE HOURS!! what the hell!! so we thought that we could get a cab there, we didnt mind to pay for that as we took so long to reach there, ZONE 3 man!! super rural!! but then… this place super extremely rural, couldnt even get a cab!!! wahlaoo… so we gotta leave that place…

haiihzz… oh yea, luckily we had another good place to stop by!! BOXHILL, the dont know what mooncake festival thingie, since that we went all the way to ZONE 3, then we went to ZONE 2 for it lor… and… it was so disappointing ler… nothing’s much, couldnt even see a single “tang lung”… what kinda mooncake festival thingie man!! like pasar malam only, they had only FOOD and FOOD!! haiihzzz… then we decided to go for a drink, much better… =)

oh well, some pics again… =)

alice and i wanting to get a cab at belgrave’s roadside…

my Daughter(sam) and i in the boxhill’s mooncake festival thingie…

sandy and i in the COLORFUL bubble milk tea house… like kindergarden one!! i like… =)

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