it’s a sunday here, and as usual nobody will be at home, so what can i do?? well, so went to showground for the royal show with my 2 lovely cousins, and my cousin’s bf Nhan and a friend, Herman… erm… 15bucks, kinda worth it though, coz you really could spend the whole day there… it’s SUPER BIG and many things to play, to see though…

but i was not into those games, those fun fair games that we usually play in malaysia, and to win those ugly immitated soft toys… oh no~~ those rides were good!! really exciting rides!! but then… i didnt dare… ahahha… but it’s expensive though, 6bucks a ride… *arggghhhzz* but then i spent a lot on FOOD lar!! hahaha… kept eating!! haiihzz… 40bucks gone in 4 hours… oh sadzzz…

hmm… there were some pics that i took but then with my FATTIE cousin, too bad, cant post any…

when i got home, nobody at home, i felt so lonely, then i suddenly again DEEPLY IN LOVE with my LOUGONG~~~ i love him so much!! *muacksss*

lonely… take pics… self entertaining…

i love you lougong… *hugz*


8 replies on “I LOVE YOU LOUGONG~~~”

Doll: HELP someone is hamsaping me!!! Muamuamua!!!
eriCCa: Hehehehe.. no one can help u!! hehehe
nebo: Plz don’t hurt an innocent doll, take me instead..

can’t see when i type my name and url
too light the color that u’ve used
btw……SEXAY is the word to describe u
but don’t u think your bra strap too long until cannot support your *ahemahem*?
stating my opinion only…..
don’t get mad

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