Lonely Sunday~

hehe… it’s usual for this poor little girl here stay lonely on sunday~~ oh well, nothing’s much, went to cheryl’s place today, she asked me to go there to study together, so i brought my laptop everything there… but then… i felt so sleepie there… hahaha… it’s normal!! ahha… whenever i open my book, surely sleepy one… *godzzz* and my exam timetable already out!! from 11th till 18th november… oh yea… and… i will be going home on 8th december!! yea yea yea~~ finally can go home edi~~ ehhehehe…

hmm… i guess this coming friday i will be at LOFT to have my *hopefully* last clubbing session before exam~~ *grinzz* this clubbing session gonna be a bit different from the usual ones, as it’s gonna be a Post-Production-Party known as PPP for CTG production crews… ahahaha… sponsored by CTG, gonna be free entry, so i will be there to have fun~~ dont think i will have much alcohol then as i dont have friends with me, who gonna carry me home? hahaha…

today melbourne is having a CRAZY weather!! 23 degrees in the afternoon, my godzzz, i felt SWEAT while i was in my spaghetti top~~ and i heard people saying ‘good weather today’ *fainted* haiihzz… and guess what am i doing now beside blogging? i am eating SWEET POTATO *yumyum*

i have been thinking how to sweep away my WILD LOOK~~ oh no~~ can anyone help me? they told me to thicken my eyebrown, dye my hair to BLACK and leave it longer, and dont put eye liner so that my eyes wont look so smokey… and i asked them how to get thinner, haha… they told me NOT TO EAT!! this girl, she lost 10kgs, from 56kgs to now 46kgs, very SLIM!! she said she ate only 2 small bowls of vege and ONE SWEET daily with plenty of water FOR ONE MONTH~~ and THAT’S ALL!! what the hell~?!~?! and she said that she could feel herself FLYING while WALKING… oh no~~~ i guess i cant man~~~ then i have to STAY FAT~?!~?!?



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she said she ate only 2 small bowls of vege and ONE SWEET daily with plenty of water~~ and THAT’S ALL!!

she forgot to finish the story… it’s finish by going into the hospital and stay for 2 weeks…
seriously that’s abit too much.. =P

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