hehee… guess what!!! i went to safeway just now and they were selling REAL CHEAP cadbury’s chocolate bars~~ yoohooo!!! it was only aud2.98 while it was supposed to be like… erm… 4bucks… SO CHEAP!! and i just TAKE TAKE TAKE until damn happy… so at the end, i was holding 10 bars of 250g cadbury chocolate!! 2.5KGS man!!! so heavy man, i almost broke my hand while lining up to pay!!

*eheheheeh~* BUT i am very happy~~!! I LOVE CHOCOLATES~~~!! and then i took the bag of chocolates together with me to library as well, then on the way, people kept looking at me!! *WHY! cannot buy so many chocolates one ar now!!!* in the library, there was a girl, she ‘wahhhh’ at my chocolates, damn funnie… then there was a guy, he said to me ‘this is A LOT of chocolates’… hahahahahahahahaa~~

well, there was a quote from someone from somewhere… i have forgotten where and who… it went something like this… ‘Enjoying chocolate is much enjoyable than SEX’


7 replies on “CHOCOLATE MANIAC~”

wow ~ dear, eat so much chocolate ah ? careful oh ~ drink more water, else… u’ll get sore throat… take care ~
hmm, actually i love chocolate too ~ but seldom eat them nowadays… keep some for me and bring them back when u r coming back… hehe 🙂 jk jk ~
okie, ENJOY ur chocolate ~

NOT YET lar!! mane mr postman!!!
erm… hahaha… i BOUGHT edi but havent started eating yet… kekeekeke~~
cheap mar, so i bought and no idea how to finish yet… i can bring back to kl one mar… hehehehe
made in australia’s cadbury~!!

hiakz hiakz.i got a shock when i saw u with so many chocolate bars actually =p ahahhaha din know u will bring it like that…anyways….i love fruit & nut and hazel nut! ahahahha im stupid nut head ahahaha *lalala im crazy*

enjoy ur chocolates =) and gambadeh in the lib hor?

when come back from aussie buy me chocolates from there la … i miss aussie chocolates man … sob sob =((

better still buy me ciggs from duty free shop ahuahuahuhuaa

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