Here I Come…

*phew* just got home from an hour break~~ ahahha… the first thing i did this morning since i woke up was… OFFLINE MY MSN!! great job leh… *applause* this is the only thing i can do to pay more attention to my assignment!! i have promised myself to finish it today… *hopefully*

but then… after a while, i thought of something… i thought the SALE in NineWest, i thought of the SALE in FCUK~~ oh man, i got up and CHANGED and got prepared to go to CROWN~~ whahahahahaha~~ but… FCUK doesnt have nice stuffs ON SALE, those not on sale got lar… *waiting for the next sale* then NineWest, duh… same thing… the pair of shoes that i wanted to buy for my mom is not on sale, so wait again… but i saw ONE for myself, i didnt buy that time… still considering… whether i should get it? a pair of pink lil pointy heels… duh… next i went to A/X, erm… not on sale, and i saw a lil white baby tee with PINK wordings… wooohooo~~ *drooling* it’s not THAT EXPENSIVE, i still can afford… haha, but then… it’s not ON SALE!! worth buying full price item? but i like it… i can wear it with my the PINK ninewest heels wor…? how about that? hahaha…

people, advise me please… the A/X tee 59bucks, and the NineWest heels 79bucks… come come tell me~~

ok, an hour window shopping break has gone… back to workstation~ *gambatte*

this one 129bucks

this one 139bucks…

*which one is better for mommie?*

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depends on how the person is like… but if it fits the look… go for the second wan… much elegent though i feel that the first one has more spirit like much sporty… you know what i mean.. anyway… you har.. better har.. do assignment har… coz’ har i know har.. you har still can get urself occuppied with something else wan…

okokok… so maybe will get the 2nd one ok~~!!!
JIEJIE!! let’s go together!! then i can buy the pink heels too~~ ehehehheeh~~

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