just got back from work again… ehehe… i enjoy working although i really tired and lazy to work… i love to see customers satisfied with the food and this really makes me happy~~ this is why i hope to own a cafe~~ =)

and sometimes it’s really happy when there are cute and funnie customers…

today, there was this customer offered me chocolates when i was near him (maybe i have been eating too much chocolate and i have this ‘i-like-chocolate’ stamped on my face) but i told him NO THANKX and saying that i on diet… but he insisted to give them to me and asked me to keep in the pocket… i smiled and walked away quickly… at the end, he paid his bill with money and chocolates bar in the plate that we use to collect money and told me ‘in case you change your mind later’… *my godzz* damn cute man!! but then… my colleagues have finished them~~ didnt leave for me… =(

then there was another QUESTIONS-CUSTOMER, everytime i walked near him, i would have to answer at least one question, even i was standing there also he would waved at me and asked me to go over to his table… questioning from… where you from… where you study… what course… when going back to kl… what’s your name… where you stay… when is your exam… what’s good as dessert… have you seen this kinda keychain in kl… till what’s your phone number… i actually answered all his questions except for the last one… hahahahahah, i went to do something after listening to the question then went to eat my banana fritter in the kitchen… then he left edi~~ kekekekeke

after that, i saw a chonghwarian~~ ahah, my friend’s friend… and i walked to her and talked to her!! ehehehe, she was so shocked and kept saying that the world is so small~~ ahhahahaha~~ she didnt know me though… but she said will call me out for dinner…? ahahaha~ there was also another guy that is my friend’s friend, but then that one… i didnt talk to him~~ ahhahahaha~~ =P

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LOL *muacks*
leng lui sure got people ‘disturb’ one mar… keke
well, working in restaurant sometimes really fun… i’ve helped for my aunty b4… although some customers are quite annoying sometimes… as u said, “i love to see customers satisfied with the food and this really makes me happy~~” miss the days working as waitress sometimes… LOL

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