arrghh… just back from SUPPER!! we went for supper after library!~~ and it’s damn late now!! it’s almost 1am edi~~ damn!!! and i dont much time left to my FIRST PAPER edi!! damn damn damn!!! I AM FARKING SCARED!!! luckily i went to stock up 2 bars of DAIRY MILK, so that i can EAT it when i feeling stressed tomorrow!! yea, i am going to bring into the EXAM HALL~~ yoohoo~~

pics from library~

puishan and alice so hardworking wor…


robin is sleeping? studying? or talking to Ultraman?

dont blame me, too BORED!!

poor lil ericca looks so tired~~ =(

9 replies on “EXAM!!!”

hahahhahaa… ooiii~~ dont like that lar!!! that’s my ONLY entertainment in the library man!! alamakzzz~~

andrew… aiyoorrh… ape lu mao? i buy you chocolates you buy me entry to atmos!! kekekekeke~

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