well, let’s make a quick blog while i am now having my breakfast and chatting with my mom on msn… hmm… after this i will be in the library again!!! tomorrow will be my FIRST paper!! damn scary weik!! then THE NEXT day another paper again!!! *shiattttt* hopefully i will be alright~~ =)

pic taken in the library using my friend’s nokia6600

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is that a canon calculator over there? non scientific? kekekeke and that’s a nice looking jacket you got there… and is that a standler pen as well?pink colour? huh? nevermind.. it’s fun to identify stuff in the picture kekekeke.. And last but not least wish you well in exam!! =)

let’s play “guess what’s that thing” on the pic…
1. what’s the blue thingie in the lower right corner?
2. what’s the little white box on the piller?
3. what’s the dome like thingie next to the piller?

Guess all i can do here is to wish u all the best in the exam and do the best u can. Tip before the exam, do not study 30 mins before the exam. Jz relax before going into the exam hall. Anyways, Good luck to u

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