damn damn damn~ so many pimples edi!! fark fark fark!! nomore pics gonna be shown here AT THE MOMENT!! too stressed edi… not enough sleep… too heaty… worrying too much…

*awwwww* what a life~~

well, went to have dinner with my auntie, uncle and cousins and also with puishan and alice at Laksa King… but then it was a heavy rain after the dinner, so that my plan to SEXPO was then failed~~ argh… gotta go tomorrow!!! =)

just had a chat with my mom just now… haha, she was so worried about me till smsing me everyday and calling me everyday… i mean RECENTLY~~!! i have been telling her how stressed i am… then we were talking about “whether i should transfer back to study in kl” this question has been running in my mind again and again… but, i still cant make a decision… *haiihhhzzz*

8 replies on “Pimples…”

pimples good… only young ppl get pimples… i envy you. 😛
transfer back to kl? what for? if financially is not a problem, you should experience life in other countries.

and… sexpo??? COOL! do take some pics!!!

hrmmm then try your best to not fail la …. then no need to retake so no need waste another few thousands lo … but the decision is up to you… there are the advantages and disadvantages for coming back and stay there. so it’s really up to you !

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