Corp Law my Last Hope…

*phew* another half day in library!! and hey, today is a memorable day man!! where i ate my VERY FIRST mcD meal in melbourne thi afternoon as LUNCH!! hm… but actually i did eat the breakfast ONCE on the first day i arrived, then nomore after that till today!! *wooohooo~~*

oh yea, i am now waiting to go to SEXPO SEXPO SEXPO~~ waiting for pics? hahaha… good… MAN MAN WAIT~~ hehehehehehee… then after sexpo i am heading to CLAYTON for BBQ~~~ yeah~~~ *yummie* hopefully there is SOMEONE to bbq everything for me then i will just EAT when i reach there… *muahahahhaahah~*

oklar… some PIMPLES pics…


bored… =(

me and my CORP LAW~ =)

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