This entry is especially dedicated to someone special, Alvin…

I am so touched after reading the entry and I know that I can’t do anything… I have tried lecturing, I have tried giving up, I have tried consoling… but at the end, it still wouldn’t work… all I can do for being someone so far apart is just PRAYING and STANDING BY… I would just pray for you to be happy now and then, stand by to listen to you and talk to you when you are feeling no right… and I guess that’s all that I can do…

As I know, there is nothing if I am to tell you to ‘forget about her’ or ‘wait for her’… as you know what you want and what you should do, all I can do is stay NEUTRAL~ of course, I believe that you have your own way to choose your happiness, right? =)

Honey, you are always the smart, confident, happy, sweet and perfect boy, ok? Don’t ever do something that would worry people around you, everyone loves you, be strong yea… remember, you have to go on happily with your life no matter what… *cheers*

‘@aLVeRi@’ always… I still think that Alveri is a SWEET name~~ =)


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Thanks honey for standing by always. I will do and try my best to forget her which I hope I would finally do someday 🙂 Nevertheless, you’re my sweet honey too.

@aLVeRi@ RocKs ~

LOL, cant u gals & guys see the ‘jk’ there ?
ahahaha =D
yea, me here wish Alvin ALL THE BEST in EVERYTHING ~
u always have frens by ur side no matter wat happen… juz let it be, k ?
Cheers ~

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