damn man!! where is my lougong!!! duh~~~!!!! i cant find it man!! i dont know where he is ler!! yer!!

i think it was ALICE!! i think she packed all the pillows and comforters in edi!! and then today we moved everything to storage edi!! oh my godz!! now only i notice that my lougong is missing!! what the hell~~ and alice is sleeping now!! can i just wake her up now to ask her where is my lougong ar? i wondering… whether she is hugging my lougong now? aiyoorh~~ i dont know lar!!! damn sadz now without lougong!! how am i going to sleep tonight leh?

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*me and freddie grabs dai*
here, a replacement lougongchai for u to hug to sleep.
nola. just ask your friend where she kept your lougongchai. or else u’ll have to suffer a few months without your lougongchai.

hahahaa… people!! my lougong is in the storage!! finally my room mate remembers edi!!
oh well… and my mom told me ‘good lar, let him rest for few months lar’

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