I am HOME!

my blogs on the plane:

It is now 836pm Melbourne time while I am still on the plane typing this entry using my laptop… estimated that I will be reaching KLIA in 2 hours and 40 minutes… nothing to do at this moment after watching the princess diary 2 then finished reading a magazine and took a nap just now too… now I am awake doing nothing…

Yuan, yenni and I took a cab from clayton to airport just now, and we expected it to be around 80bucks according to the driver… but then it ended up with a total of more than 100bucks!!! The driver even stopped the meter while it was at 103.40 and we hadn’t even reached the airport yet… and then he charged us only 100bucks without adding toll charges too… maybe he felt sorry for telling a much cheaper estimated rate… but then we also gave him 9bucks extra for tips too… he was so reluctant to take it but we forced him to take it… overall, he is a nice guy!! I AM IN LOVE~~ =P

Eeeeee… nothing to continue tim… well, see ya again when I am back~

Hey I am back again~ after the refreshment meal which looks like a bun with some grass inside… duh~ *yuckie* now I am on top of a part of Indonesia and time is 1015pm Melbourne time, gotta reach soon in 1 hour and 3 minutes… the view outside the window attracts my attention, looking at the cloud out there, some looks like cotton, some looks like foam, looking so peace~ I don’t understand how did this world was created and all these creatures are so special~ hmmm… I can see lightning now, probably having heavy rain down there and also I can see many lights there too, perhaps it is one of the cities in Indonesia? And at this moment I am listening to 地心引力 by 言承旭… really matching with the situation now when I am paying attention to the SKY~

I am also wondering how is the plane moving at a speed of 892km/h, while I can only see it moving very slowly from the window… a bit unbelievable though~ I cant feel the SPEED man~!~!~! feeling slower than I am in a car~~ hahaaha… NOW, I am on top of Palembang… no idea where the hell is that~ =P but what I know is 1 hour to KLIA~ and the sky is getting darker and darker now… woohoo… and the temperature outside is -52 Celsius… isn’t it SUPER COLD? What if I jump down from the plane now will I turn to become FROZEN? Well… I guess I have no chance to experience this kinda temperature… =(

See ya again~~ lallaallalala~


yea yea yea!! finally back home!! i was happy to receive calls from SOME people out there… the first who called, NEBO!! then ZhanShen then Cupid then Esmund… thanks for calling yea… =)

had dinner with family at hawker stalls!! ahhaa… so happening but HOT LIKE MAD weik!! i could feel that my body was so oily~~ and damn!! the food was so cheap!! hahahahaha… imagine one satay for RM0.50 and i had it in melbourne like 2 sticks for AUD4.50!! ahahhahahaa….

after that i went home then waited for my buddies to come over!! yooohooo~~ finally i could see them after SO SO SO LONG!! and glad that i still feel the same!! we are still so close!! been chatting till now… they just left at 3am… and FINALLY my honey called me huh!! hahahahaha… now only seh dak call me!! DUH~~ USELESS HONEY!! =P

well… it’s such a long entry man!! *nightiez*

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touching when someone mentioned my name! hahaha… yay! i glad that you are finally back! kekeke… see you sometimes.. meanwhile do check out my blog…it’s been so cold without you.. lalalala…. (coz’ nobody visits it besides you and some peopel =( )

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