hmmm… just got home from William’s… these days are only GATHERING GATHERING and GATHERINGS!!

last night, went to pasar malam then Steven’s to meet up with Yee Yung, Sook Har, Harvey… then later went to Rush, the so-called most happening club in town… but i was so damn disappointed!! yea, it was so happening, and it was actually OVER happening!! too damn crowded till i couldnt even walk nicely, gotta touch everyone’s body~!~! *duh* finally then i met up with Kenny too!! heheheehe… glad to see him after SIX months!! =P i was there for only an hour then went to yumcha AGAIN!! at William’s… it was a new place to me, not too bad =)

then today, woke up at 10am, to go to K at redbox, but too bad that we could only get the room from 12pm-2pm because we dint make booking!! oh fine then, we went to Neway after 2pm then K till 630pm!! woohooo… not too bad yea, only 3 of us, ZhanShen, Mayvis and me!! then AGAIN meeting up with my DEAR cupidcupid~!~! after that… another GATHERING at William’s again with DC++ Hubbers… met up with… Nexus, Wkkay, Kylie, Lain, Blaze, NSX, Daijoubu, BeachBoy, Eng, Nimmy, MonayMonay, PSY, ADJ… blabla… have i left out anyone? hahahahaha… if i do, sorrie for my bad memory =( oh yea, and also i met up with WILLIAM again!! and i was surprised that he could actually recognise me by asking me ‘i saw you here last night right?’ *SHOCKING* and yea i was!! damn tired now!! and my mom complained that i went out from morning till midnight… duh~~~

hmmm… tomorrow is saturday wor… girls’ club gathering wor… i dont know whether i am going or not ler!! let’s see yea!! a bit tired of meeting people edi tim~~ =P


K? why me not invited? very sad.. coz’ i was addicted.. hahahaha.. but i had a terrible experience everyone called out my name everytime finished a song to cover up themselves..

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