GC Gathering

Phiew~~ finally I am home ONE NIGHT weik!! Went to meet GIRLS for the GC gathering today at LYP coffee bean… heheehehe… I think many people would think that we were supposed to have our gathering at somewhere else… =P too bad… it’s LYP!! Ahahhahahaha… hmmm… then… I was late for an hour!! But still I could only see 3 girls there, RouRou, CupidCupid and PurpleGal… I was so surprised that being late for an hour was still EARLY to other 3 people…!! And some even FFK!!

after that, there came a Black Shirt guy, walking like a MODEL *eherm* looking like a BABY *eherm* coming towards our table and even asked me to sit over a bit to let him sit!! Haha… nolar, he is my dear baby… he purposely went to see CHUN CHICKS!! Kekekekekeke… too bad that I didn’t allow him to sit with us but the table behind our table with one of his friends…

then after a while, CutePenguin came then followed by Hayanna and Kae… yea!! We had 7 girls at our table while the guys had only 2 people!! Damn funnie~ =P and HEY, Hayanna is a HOT KOREAN CHICK ok!!! *drooling* luckily CutePenguin brought along her camera!! Eheheh… so we took some pics!! We even asked a so-called lengjaiz (according to CutePenguin lar, but I don’t think so) to take for us… haha…

after that, I left to buy something for my auntie and said buhbyez to the girls… hopefully meeting them soon in the future again~ =)

hmm… kinda tired ler these few days going out non-stop only… dear baby asked me to follow him to go to play pool with him tonight at Matrix… but I really have to REST lar!! So I wished him to have MORE FUN tonight, enjoy himself, get to know more girls!! Ahahahahha… Further more, I gotta wake up early tomorrow to accompany my mom to market!! FINALLY I am back to do this kinda thingie again after a year!! Ahahahhaha… people, I am a GOOD GIRL, and I am SERIOUS!!

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