Family Day~

woke up at 9+ in the morning just to go to market!! yea, and a few of those uncles and aunties there still remember me weik!! hehe… not bad yea…

after that i followed daddie to jalan jalan~ woohoo~~ so happie that daddie brought me to eat roasted duck drumstick rice and with a bowl of vege(watercress, i think) soup~~ *yumyum* but then that time was around 4pm edi… i was so worried that mommie gonna screw both of us coz eating at this kinda odd time then later couldnt eat dinner… then daddie said ‘nvm lar, dont tell her that we have eaten lar, we can say that DONT KNOW WHY the breakfast still in the stomach’ hahahaha… damn lame weik!! then daddie also bought around 10 DURIANS for me to eat!! woohoooo~~ so happie!! kekekekeke~~

when i arrived home, i saw my 2 FATTIE brothers!! wahlao!! so damn tall edi!! godz… AND… they arent that fattie anymore, but they said that i fatter edi!! what the hell man!! damn angry!! =(

mommie: hungry or not?
me: nope
mommie: why? did you eat something just now?
me: nope, dont know why the breakfast still in the stomach
mommie: why your daddie said the same thing also one! both of you dont lie!!

then me and daddie kept laughing over there non-stop but i still put the durians into my mouth… hehehe~ =P then at that moment, i saw the POT, mommie cooking SOUP!! and the soup was the soup i drank before that!! duh~!!!!!

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