wahlao… it’s so AMAZING!!! that i think my previous entry about piscean thingie is a lil accurate now… hahahahaha…

hahahahahahaha… at least for the NEW TRAVEL and NEW STUDIES thingie… kekekekekeke… i have decided to take up this Bangkok trip during winter as an ELECTIVE!! yeah man!! this elective is so chun that i need not to attend any class!! how nice if i can have all my electives done this way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it will be a trip to bangkok basically about learning the culture and the business… something about international trade and things… but… it is SO MUCH FUN!!!! and the biggest fun of all is… you can extend your stay after the official trip!! wooohooo… which means it is gonna UP TO YOU and DO WHAT YOU WANT after the trip… and I MAYBE GOING BACK TO KL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wahahahahahahhahahahaa~~~ oh ok… i have to control myself a lil bit now… it is just my initial plan… not confirmed yet!! but i am so sure about my trip to thai!! i am going to throw my deposit on monday!! wakakakakakkakaka… *oooppsss* =P

finally i have found my first TRUE HAPPINESS that i seriously smile from the bottom of my heart ever since i came back… i swear this!! =) and i am so damn excited now!!

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