ma de… just got back from a K session… had some beer… and feeling farking shittie now… like wanna puke but then cant puke… *arggghhhh* damn san fu weik~~~~

i hate beer lar… so regret that i didnt order some liquor other than beer… damn damn damn!! and… why didnt i drink more beer, so that i can puke easily… *dengzzzz*

by the way, the feeling is back… dont know why… i always love this kinda feeling, when your head is a lil dizzy a lil heavy and a lil blur… that’s the best feeling of all… and you just feel like sleeping… so cool… it’s been quite some time i last had this kinda feeling… and i am back… i miss this kinda feeling… acting like E to me, i feel so in a dream…

it reminds me of my days where i used to get myself drunk few times a week and i enjoyed that so much… my brain couldnt function well for a few days after every drunking session… and i love that feeling… that’s why i had been clubbing like madz last time… but for now, although i am tired of clubbing, i still love drinking, or i should say i dont like drinking but i like to drunk myself… hmmm… *weirdo* or maybe i should just head to liquor shop and get a bottle at home and drink myself everynight… hahahahahah…

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