ok people… be my witness ok… loklok said that he’s going to get me a GARFIELD ar… let’s whack him if he FFK!!

@hanZ~ says:
but i wanna find the cutiest and most handsome garfield for bibi ya..

garfield is so cute, isnt he? i used to like him a lot a lot… till i had a nickname Garfield Chin back in primary school days as i was having ALMOST everything of garfield… bag, water bottle, pencil case, wallet, watch, stationary, clothes… just like another walking garfield… hahahahaha

and mommie was the one who bought me all these things and daddie kept saying that mommie wasting money buying me garfield things, so i didnt like daddie!! then, there was one day, daddie bought me a garfield soft toy on my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *wooohooo* i was like so damn shocked!! hey, daddie seldom buy birthday present for me and i went like… hmmm… *i thought you said buying garfield is a waste of money* hahahahaa… then the next garfield thing that daddie bought for me is a garfield watch… yeah!!! and i was so happy that finally i could get myself a NICE watch, rather than those toy-watches… i was so proud of my watch… kekekekek

oh yea, there was once mommie bought me a nice garfield water bottle which was double the price of the normal garfield water bottles that i had… and it was a PINK one!! then i happily brought it to school lor, and the water seemed sweeter than usual… then suddenly, there was this MAD FELLA in my class went mad again, he took up my NEW PINK GARFIELD WATER BOTTLE and smashed it on the floor, and… cracked… damn him!! i cried so hard for it man!! *arrrrgghhh* after that, i gotta stick with those not-so-nice-garfield-water-bottles edi… =(

and guess what, garfield was born in 1978 and i was so interested in guys born in 1978!! ahhahahaa… it’s like i would go so excited knowing that this guy born in 1978… hahahaha… =P *madness*

I LOVE GARFIELD… still… i am just too loyal~~ cant help it… =P

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poku, you only mad!!

freddie… hahaa… garfield is so cute ok~~~ and hey i am VERY LOYAL, not only to garfield… hahahaha…

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