Moving out…

well well, after the scary incident, now we 3 girls sleeping in a room again… all are scared to sleep alone… even dont dare to stay at home alone… alice even worse, she didnt dare to walk to uni this evening and asked us to pick her up from uni after her class… and she found that her watch got stolen as well… poor alice… well… it’s really scary afterall…

and we already talked to the agent, we are planning to move out edi… everyone doesnt feel comfortable with this house anymore… and we are planning to move back to the city!! *AGAIN* we were staying in the city and moved to this small lil suburb for only A MONTH and now we are planning to move back to the city again… oh madness… and we have to pray for someone to take over this house, else we will have to pay the rental till someone moves in eventhough we are not staying in it… it’s under the contract, what to do…

well, i am now well known as the BIG EATER in the house… everyone seems to against me~ =( they give everything to me, the left over food and all… then everytime the food is too much then they will ‘nvm, we have ericca mar…’ WTF!! so sadzzz… i wanna GAM FEI weik… then tonight robin cooked hokkien mee man!! so YUMMY~~~ at first was only one packet, but hey it was too yummy edi… finished up in just a while… so then i asked him to cook another packet… i was thinking ‘if cant finish then i can have it for supper and breakfast’… BUT then again… finished!!! and basically it was my fault… coz i ate the most… wakkakakakaka… till the end, robin got not enough food to eat and he had to cook instant noodle… poor robin… *sorrie lor, too delicious edi mar…* then after that i got some grapes for EVERYONE actually, but then they didnt wanna eat… so basically again i finished ALMOST all of them… then they laughed at me again… what the hell~~ BAKA!!

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