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YEAH!! finally after so many years!! i finally had a chance to listen to chan fong on 988 again last night!! thankx for my malfunction brain that i have missed SO SO SO MANY sessions!! but last night, thankx to Alice and ChoonShyong for reminding me to tune in on time!! and i had a great night spending my time throughout the session!! *happie* =)

well, the reason why i like this session so much… because i like the way chan fong is, he might be kinda lan si at times, yet some of his words are so true!! and also i like to listen to those people who write to him and call in to talk to him… then i can listen to their problems and also knowing there are such problems that people facing, and SOME problems are really AMAZING and SURPRISING… further more, sometimes people have the same problems as mine then i can listen also while chan fong giving out advice… kinda EDUCATIONAL though~ ahahhahaha…

i liked this session since high school, when he had it on thursday’s night and usually i would on my radio then started waiting… then fell asleep… then when i woke up, the session already ended… *DAMN* but then reasonable lar, as i had to wake up at 5am to go to school everyday, so it’s kinda hard for me to stay up so late… but then… after high school i have been sleeping late everynight, but still i seldom have a chance to tune in… coz… i always forget~~ =( i think i need to make a reminder to remind me to tune in every friday edi~~ haiihhzzz…

waiting for next friday’s session… =)

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you wake up at 5am?!
you havent see me waking up at 2am juz to turn on the computer and spam….
and i started it at form 1!!!

hmm… well… coz i am not MAD… but you… hmmm… =P

i woke up at 5am to go to class with SCHOOL BUS ler… then reached class at 6am then continued sleeping… hahahahahaha… then started the COPY-CAT doings at 630am… my daily routine in chonghwa… =P

hey i used to listen to his session also.. late @ night one. like what you said, he sometimes do really like lansi lansi, but meaningful when he gives out his opinion/advice.

i got there at 7am, go to class, sleep with my lovely pillows hahhahax!
that’s when i was form 5 la – they started to have air conds for every classroom mwahhahahhah!

btw, who’s chan fong?
mind….enlighten me a bit ar….

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