Happie Mommie’s Day…

another year i am not by my mommie’s side on this special day… and… i didnt prepare anything this year… well, basically i have no idea what to get for mommie… hahahaha… i know that she wont be unhappy for this… kekekekeke~~ as my mommie is happy everyday to have me as her precious daughter *wakakkakakaka*

but hey, Woon, Yuan, and Haw… i was really amazed at the movie that you guys did for ah yee… in fact, i was crying like a pig while watching… oh my godzzzz… i think ah yee must be crying like a baby while watching too… so SWEET!!!

a happy mothers’ day to all the mommies out there~~ =)

/me off to study for tomorrow’s auditing test… *arrghhh*

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