Daddie from OXFORD!!

i got this funny msg from my mom when i was CONCENTRATING on my audit assignment this morning…

AnnChin says:
ur daddy wore yr Taylor’s T shirt…..ppl asked him fr. Taylors? he said no his daughter…..but he was fr. Oxford London!!!!

hell funny lar my daddie!!! ahahhaahah… yea, thankx to that, i had a great laugh while feeling stressed!! and also a SWEET SMILE on my face… i miss my cute lil daddie~~

okokok… i already gave up on my early submission for my audit assignment edi, in fact i gave up extra 10% marks… coz i had not enough of research done… *arggghhh* gotta do more on it before it is finally due!! and now… i will have to do my tax law assignment now!! =(

and yea, i had a new friend last night, not to say new, heard of his name FEW YEARS BACK and met him finally last January during a yumcha session… and had the very first chat last night… he is my ex’s friend!! known as HongTauPing *HTP – Red Head Soldier* aka Jeffrey… he is also another funny guy!! and then he joined my BabyLand… hahaha, and he is now officially my BabyJoker… *note: i didnt force him one ar…* he was so happy entertaining me… hahahahaha… cool eh~~

anyway, here is a good news!! CONGRATS to BayBay aka Kenny… that he has finally found his special one, his sweet princess… finally he has confident to be in love again!! wishing you a really happy ending this time… =) BUT DAMN YOU, still wanted to hide from me!! chicken!! again, thankx to friendster for helping me to find out the truth~~~ i wonder, why i have to check friendster for all these all the time huh… iiishhhh… *baybay is now belongs to his gf… i gotta retire edi…*

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