Destress MODE…

hehehehehehe… again, been so stressed trying to communicate with my books and notes… and again again, i need to destress… hahahaha… and again again again, i am trying to ACT like an artist, trying to be very artistic happily editing my own pics… =P



weeeeeheeee… i know i know it’s so childish… but i am satisfied with it… wakkakakaka… *proud*

4 replies on “Destress MODE…”

hahaha…..funny!! it is good to know a to hide out from stress. there are a lot of activities going on in liverpool
especially the river mersey fastival that last for 4 days.

silly piggie.. study hard k! for ur photo.. i think i’m right for saying that silly piggie is nice and pretty all the time..=P
gambate ya~!

why everyone says it’s FUNNY one!! ahduh~~ i think it’s ARTISTIC!! not funny at all!! =(
and some even said it looks SCARY… *WTF*

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