Pissed Off…

a reminder, never group with CHINESE!! those from china… i am tired of them… i once grouped with 2 people from china and they gave me SHIT for our group assignment… so then i started to stay away from them… but then… i am now in a chinese group again… basically, i thought it should be ok since 2 of them are my workmates and they are kinda ok… but, who knows… they are all the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they are plain lazy… i just cant imagine someone being lazier than me man!! we are supposed to write a dialogue for our spanish presentation and our lecturer requested it to be FUNNY and INTERESTING!! ok, and i have been thinking of so many ideas to make it funny… *ok, i just love to be a CLOWN* but, god knows from which hell they got this sheet of dialogue from last semester’s students, and they are freaking lazy to modify it at all, they just want to copy the 10000000% same thing!! further more, the dialogue is just so SUXXXXXXX to the max!!!

imagine, there are 4 people in a birthday party, getting to know each other, introducing themselves, where from, hobbies, talking about the weather… and it ends in 10 minutes!! *WHAT THE FARK SHIT IS THIS* and they have been telling me that it’s good as they got 8/10 for it… ok, it’s not the result that counts, but… the content… *retarded* well, maybe it is FUNNY, as people are going to laugh at us… BAKA!!

i just cant imagine myself being in this lame group presenting this lame thing… i seriously dare not to tell people that it’s my idea, and it’s so damn embarrassing, kindergarden’s idea…!!! a 3rd year university student presenting kindergarden’s work… *BRAVO*

but i have no choice… =(

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they refuse to change somemore.. hard la.. but then i think not all china people like this gua. i personally met one really hardworking. and the rest heard from my friends are either lazy or very messy/dirty case.

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