Tired Trip…

i am now so damn freaking tired!! a one whole day trip to warrock farm to MOO THE COWS, to MEH THE SHEEPS and to Philip Island to TAIL THE PENGUINS… *tired*

although i didnt drive, in fact, i was sleeping in the car on the way there and also on the way back… wakkakakakaka… still very sleepy wor… too bad lar… =P

i dont like the cows and the sheeps, too SMELLY edi… but i LOVE the penguins… *WAHLAOYEH* they are so so so so cute man!! especially when they walk… *drooling* wanted to take one home and keep in the fridge… kekekeke… but… =( and yea, we went to this sea… to see SEAL~ although i couldnt see any seal there, i love the view… very very nice scenery there… next time can force my bf to propose to me there… =P

thankx people for the day!! thankx to my dear cousin yuan, my darling cheryl, chan yee and cheryl’s BF, steven =P hahahahahaha… thankx to my dear cousin for driving us around whole day, and thankx to steven for the lunch, and thankx to my darling for driving my car for me, and also the present penguin to make me happy =) *muacks, love love*

p/s: dear housemates… waiting for you guys to come back and will give you guys a SURPRISE =P

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